Sunday, May 26, 2013

FLUX Venice: a new performance by Silsila Collective

Photo by Zeynep Özel

FLUX is a two-part performance by Silsila Collective under the direction of Jeffrey Baykal-Rollins. Performed first at Venice’s Piazza San Marco in May, and then in June at Istanbul Modern Art Museum, FLUX celebrates the vibrant relationship between these two sister cities (past and present, from waters’ edge to waters’ edge). Choreographed by New York performance artist Ernesto Pujol in the tradition of tanztheater, Silsila’s twenty performers will move through the geometry of the Piazza’s massive tile patterns, which are based upon ancient Turkish carpet designs. Each performer will be wearing a garment covered in drawings and calligraphy comprised entirely of digital information from their collective stories and imagery. Essentially, Silsila will perform as “living books”, visible histories of their personal and cultural bodies, moving through the map of a carpet long-gone.