Thursday, February 7, 2008


University students throughout the world were emailed by Jeffrey Baykal Rollins and asked to contribute a translation of the story of the Tower of Babel in one of many Middle and Near Eastern languages. Twelve translations, consisting of Hebrew, Farsi, Syriac, Latin, Armenian, Arabic, Greek, Yiddish, Turkish, Azeri, Kurdish, and Babylonian Aramaic were then combined in a drawing to form one single hand-written text in the shape of the Tower of Babel. The image of the tower rises up from a language-covered landscape and disappears into the arabesques of a symbol-covered sky. Uprising has been printed in Giclee on gesso-coated paper, in an edition of twelve, which will subsequently be dispersed to a variety of locations around the world. This project has been created for the exhibition Re-interpreting the Middle East II: Artists Re-thinking Today's Terminology, which will open at the Southern Graphics Council, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and then travel to several museums internationally. Visit the blog at: