Sunday, August 5, 2007

Kucuk Kiyamet

Press Release

Artist Jeffrey Baykal Rollins has created a series of paintings which feature prominently in the new Turkish film Küçük Kiyamet (roughly translated as “Little Apocalypse”; the film’s official English title has not yet been confirmed). Rollins collaborated with directors Durul Taylan and Yagmur Taylan (who are known professionally as the Taylan Brothers in Turkey) and screenwriter Dogu Yücel for this psychological thriller/horror movie, which is said to be based on the earthquake fear of the Turkish people. The cast includes some of the country's most important actors and actresses, such as Basak Köklükaya, Cansel Elçin and Ilker Aksum. The soundtrack has been written and produced by Kevin Moore of Dream Theater fame, whom together with Rollins have been described by Altyazi Magazine as “the two American heroes of the film”. Rollins’ contribution consists of two dozen paintings, from which much of the story and scenes are directly based upon. Rollins has also served as visual advisor to the directors, a first in Turkish cinema, consulting on the film’s overall look, cinematic approach, and shooting locations.
 Küçük Kiyamet will receive a theatrical release in Turkey on December 22. After that, the movie will be released in Europe with limited distribution. The movie trailer can be downloaded from the movie's official site,, or watch the trailer online at

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