Sunday, August 12, 2007

Babel @ GalataPerform

Babel: March 7, 2007 @GalataPerform, Istanbul, Jeffrey Baykal Rollins performs with his son Shems

Babel was an evening of student performance works exploring issues of art and language, with an emphasis on the spoken-word. Over the course of the event individual works evolved into a dynamic collaboration amongst all the participants, bridging differences in culture, language, media and a variety of art disciplines, in a work curated, directed, and performed by Jeffrey Baykal Rollins. The site for “Babel” was “GalataPerform”, Istanbul’s cutting-edge performance/experimental theater space. Located directly next to the Galata tower, in what is unquestionably the most multi-ethnic part of the city. University students around the world were emailed and asked to contribute translations of the story of the Tower of Babel into ninety-nine different languages. These translations were then utilized in a variety of ways throughout the evening of performances.

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